Come experience an Eiluj Facial. Our facial experience is designed to purify, exfoliate, restore, hydrate, detoxify and improve your skins appearance. Our expert estheticians come from years of experience working with Gorgette Klinger, Mario Badescu, and Eliza’s Eyes.

Call for a complimentary consultation.

Upon your initial visit we will analyze your skin and make a customized treatment recommendation to give you maximum results with Natura Bisse, MD Skincare, Erno Laszlo,  and B. Kamins.

Customized Treatments:

  • Signature Age-Defying
  • Age Defying Lip and Eye Vitamin C
  • Glycolic Facial
  • Energy Fusion
  • Oxygen O2-Detox
  • Detoxifying Enzymatic
  • Sensitive Facial
  • Alpha-Beta Peel
  • Hydrating
  • Professional Peel
  • Hydra-Pure

Call us to customize your Spa Parties. (Spa Package – Buy 5 of any service and receive one free)